September, 2014

My collection was chosen to be published in the 5th edition of the Emerging Fashion Designers Book by Sally Congdon-Martin. The book showcases "exciting" new designs by more than 100 recent graduates from 16 premier fashion design programs in the United States.

"For anyone with an interest in fashion or whose business is fashion, this is an essential reference to the newest talent and latest trends"-Sally Congdon-Martin

3rd Place Award

November, 2013

I worked with a team to develop a high visibility safety garment for waste water plant operators. We won 3rd Place in the Industrial Fabrics Association International Safety Products Student Design Challenge: a contest of which students were asked to design original products that protect people or property from hazards such as extreme temperatures, chemical or biological exposure and falling. 

Fashion Shows

May 2011-May 2014

I have participated in 4 different Silhouettes Fashion shows at the University of Wisconsin-Stout.  I have submitted multiple looks each spring and assisted as well as team led specific sub groups of the organization such as Music, Models and Makeup. 

August, 2012

I worked with Pink Bow City, a company out of Minneapolis, MN at the time of which I created, produced and sold my own designs. Three other designers and myself hosted a fashion show where I had a 6 piece collection.  

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